01 Getting in contact

We speak for the first time about your project.

We happily make a site visit and meet with you to understand your needs. We listen to you and provide our expert advice upfront to begin guiding you, measuring the site to help you envisage your project from the beginning.

02 Drawing things up

Based on our first chat, we draw up a floorplan to propose a way forward.

We set the bar with you early, laying out the space as you've envisaged it with us.

We work with you to speak about finishes and materials you may want to use. This helps us determine costs and timeframes early with you so we both know what to expect.

03 Getting the ball rolling

If you're happy with what we've shown you, we get started – promptly.

Once we've set each other's expectations, we agree on a price and a timeframe that suits your needs.

We ensure you that our end-to-end service will deliver on our promise of the agreed price and time frame.

04 Manufacturing the fittings

Our strong supplier relationships ensure efficient, reliable, cost-effective results.

We understand the importance of well-produced materials and  work directly with suppliers to ensure our expectations are met – as well as the timelines we've promised you.

05 Installing the fittings

We work with you to organise the best time to install the fittings.

Based our agreed timeline, we organise a suitable date to install the fittings for you. If we're working with other teams, we make sure know the lead person on site.

We're all about keeping you well-informed leading up to and during installation.

06 Wrapping things up

Our strong attention to detail makes sure our work is completed on time, without fault.

There's a lot going on during construction, no job will go 100% faultless and we understand there's always something that needs fixing at the end of the job.

We're sure to check everything for repairs – big and small before we leave.

07 Checking in

We check on you later to make sure everything is going well.

After the project is finished, we touch base with you to make sure we've delivered on our promises with you.

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